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Our Merch Shop Is Open

Join the Soul Tribe Family and help change and heal the world for the greater good of all living beings and earth itself!

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Soul tribe tank top..

Find your ideal rhythm and listen to your body in our women's premium clothes, from tanks to t's and hoodies or bags, they're all in stock. They will be printed as soon as you order them.

Come join the family on our youtube channel:

We're all about happiness and well-being.

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Wake up with a smile :-)

Life is all about enjoying the little moments.. Start your day with a meaningful cup of healthy coffee (check out 'mold and mycotoxin free' coffee by Ascent Nutrition We also have cups, travel mugs, bags, mouse pads, stickers, hats and more, that you can customize with designs inside our shop.

African-American man wearing a sweatshirt in the park_Copy of Give it to me (11).png

Let your hoodie speak 4 U

Get cozy or crazy in our top-quality, instant-favorite sweatshirts. Our premium hoodies are everything you could ask for: warm and comfy, heavyweight and roomy, and built to last. Speaking of Warriors and becoming super human, check out what pine needle extract can do for cell protection or the benefits of DHA for telomere growth: 

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