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All About Kristen

Arcana Shores first launch was June, 2021. (YouTube) Kristen had a sign from the Universe. Great success is coming. She received this sign by witnessing a​ Rainbow on 2-22-22 in her hometown for 15 seconds until the clouds came to cover. Kristen believes it was a sign of blessings that were to come and it was amazingly accurate! March 9th, 2022. She was recommended by Beyond Mystic's Janine & Jean Claude! Since then, the channel has skyrocketed! Kristen is accepting readings by appointment only. Intuitive Readings for any Category (Finance/Career, Crypto, Love, Health, Legal, Past Lives, & Loved Ones passed)

"Thank you Jason and Kristen, you were spot on with all you said, feel free to share my comments, I was in awe at how accurate you were. I am sorry for asking. I really did not know I came on late but followed my feeling to do it and am so glad I did. Thank you all in the chat that said yes, I truly needed this at the moment. Thank you Jason for even taking my question I can never thank you enough. May God Bless you and protect you always."

Much love, Arnie.​

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